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How-to Not Ruin Your Shirts

How-to Not Ruin Your Shirts

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Finding t-shirts you love is reserved for a few special moments during your lifetime. Yet, ruining your treasured shirts will only take a few thoughtless seconds…

There are – presumably – worse things that can happen to someone than a wrecked tee. But! When your washing machine spits out your favorite t-shirt in toddler size, it’s hard to think of what that might be.

Oh, the horror!

– Wash in cold water, inside out.

– Don’t put printed t-shirts in the dryer.

– Don’t dry clean t-shirts – ya weirdo – and, bleach isn’t healthy for your laundry or your lungs.

– Don’t take them off by grabbing the collar, WWE-style .. refrain from beast mode for a few seconds, and grab the bottom hem with both hands, then pull it up over your head.

– When dry .. fold + store.

After reading this page, the experts at Lazy Coconuts added….

“Here are a few tips that we use regularly (with our reasoning behind them)…

  • Use cold water when possible (Easier on your clothes and uses less energy)
  • Air dry outside when possible (The sun’s UV rays naturally kill bacteria and viruses. Not using a dryer also extends the life of your clothes and again saves money on electricity. And who doesn’t love the smell of freshly line dried clothing?)
  • Pre-soak stained or smelly clothes. Fill a tub with water, drop a strip in, drop clothes in. Gently scrub the stained area and leave to soak overnight.

^ ^ Okay, ^ that ^ is what you’re supposed to ^ ^

Here’s what I do… … …

However! Again, it is recommended you…
Wash your shirts with COLD WATER + Line Dry

.. you need to decide for yourself what you wish to do with your clothing. I’m just giving you my method as a maybe option to possibly consider.

As an athlete I do laundry daily.

Most of my t-shirts come back to the house drenched with the sweat of a dozen or so of my favorite people on Earth – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu life – even though they are amazing humans, I walk to the washer as soon as I enter the door, and then immediately run to jump in the shower.

The cocktail of sweat will easily get really, really gross‘er if left to funkify.

I wash all my t-shirts – my rashguards, tights, and most of my clothes – inside out, with warm water and a laundry detergent sheet.

I use laundry detergent sheets because no there is no annoying plastic bottle to lug around, store, and recycle + they are free from the chemicals I don’t want on my skin + the business is run from our neighbor state, Delaware .. ‘merica! .. and! .. they fit neatly in my gym bag when traveling.

Inside out keeps clothing looking new for years…
I have an Armbar Pro hoodie from 2010’ish that still looks relatively new, today. No pills, printing is still good. It was always washed inside out and hung dry.

Also important… I make sure I zip all my hoodies and pants before I wash them; otherwise, you’ll find those little, bitty, dinky holes ripped into your other clothes.


I do dry most of my t-shirts -inside out- on a light setting with a dryer sheet. I know, I know drying is not recommended with printed shirts, and it will take a slight toll on the printing, but I don’t want to be the stinky person in class so I take the risk.

Also, I wear a small, but buy mostly mediums so I don’t have to worry about any shrinkage. If your shirt is exactly where it should be, hang it up, don’t take the chance.

NEVER put rashguards, yoga pants, tights, or gi’s in the dryer .. gi’s in the dryer is a never, nope, não, don’t do it thing.

I hang my rashguards, yoga pants, tights, gi’s, and any smaller tees on hangers to dry.

When hanging my t-shirts, I insert and remove the hanger from the hem to keep from stretching out the collar.

Because of my size shirt, hangers don’t leave tents on the shoulders. If you’re a larger size, fold your tees in half and drape them on the part of the hanger you would hang your pants on.

When dry .. fold + store.

Any other laundry questions?
E-mail me.

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