Wanted to reach out with a quick, Hello.

….and add a few tidbits to the blog that you probably won’t care about .. but, hey, I may someday .. so it will be worth it, maybe.

* Website is still under construction and I still can’t stand the font and its spacing .. yawn, boring.

* Our Instagram is new .. it’s @teed_designs .. not one word, teeddesigns, some gal makes earring and things from recycled tee shirts and calls her business tee’d designs, sooo although I’d prefer consistency adding an underscore is no biggie.

And, if you’re in the following mode, mine is @kimberlyteed and Shawn’s is @teedmma.

* Oooo, I will start streaming live again on Twitch while creating designs and clothing art. I streamed creative for years .. got affiliated .. one time did a 300+ day streak then got sick just before I hit a full year of daily streams .. I don’t get sick anymore, sooo maybe, once I get out of Harry Potter’s Room Under the Stairs and a gaming laptop — I’ll do a year straight again.

Okay, off to create Chris Walde‘s second design for his new t-shirt. It’s basically his Card Mechanic logo, but with a couple of changes .. will be called, Get Dealt With.